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понедельник, 12 августа 2013 г.

I say "YES'!

This is again my favourite style - Glam Sport!)I'm totally living in love with sport and can't breathe without it. I go in for cross fit and boxing so this style helps me to stay sporty, sexy and girly at same time. (c)
  I just bought this  amazing leopard pants - design by Jeremy Scott for Adidas. They are very rare and I'm so lucky to found one pair in men Adidas store! This trousers are so unigue and beautiful never think I can find something like this <3
 This cosmic bag I found in cheap chinese e-bay seller =)
 Cap is from River Island designed by Rihanna. I'm so in love with this bi*** and find everything she's doing just perfect!So it was impossible for me don't buy this cap =)

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