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вторник, 4 августа 2015 г.

My lovely items from

Hi there!
Yesterday I got three items from I'm totally in love with them! Those pieces are amazing! Let me show you them  ;-)

1. Flower top -

It's the most easy-to-wear top in my closet now. It goes so perfect with leather pants, white trousers, jeans, shorts and more. Fabric is heavy and makes your body looks sexy and curves.

I like to combinate it with white classic pants and red Celine bag.

2. Grey dress -

 I was looking for long time for simple grey dress. I like grey color so much this season. This dress is very short for my high 171 sm and of course I will not wear it at my work but for sure this dress will be one of my favourite dresses for going out this autumn. It will be looking amazing with thigh high long boots =)

 3. Black dress -

 Classic black dress? This is not for me. I like special black dresses) I found  one this type! Zipper dress looks so good! 

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