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пятница, 4 сентября 2015 г.

Dresslink waterfall coats

Hello my fashion friends!  =***
Yesterday I got 2 pieces from
I'm totally fan of waterfall style clothes, I have cardigans and coats and jackets in this style. So I decided to order one coat in two different colors.

Camel coat

It cost only 7 $! It's so  unbelievable cheap!

 Quality is really good! It's perfect for autumn days.
 About fabric - it's not thin. I will wear those clothes often this autumn for sure.
 It's not easy to find perfect camel/beige color. This color is absolutely amazing. It goes cool with everything.

 White coat

 The same same fashion, the same fabric the same amazing feeling to wear it.
 It looks so classy I'm in love!

 I like it in classic black and white combination.

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