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среда, 16 сентября 2015 г.

Jewelry from

 Hello! I found one amazing store) It sells georgeous jewelry.
This ear cuff cost only 2.79 $!!!
It looks so sexy!!!! I'm in love =***

 The second thing I bought there is anklet chain bracelet. I looking for it a long time and finally found it here

The price is really very cheap and I'm so shocked  because it is really high quality.
I love how it looks with black classy patent shoes? What do U think?

Now I think my legs will  draw so much attention lol!
The last item is  cross shaped belly button bar.
The price is 3,47 $
I bought it here -

It's big about 5 sm long. Crystals are really amazing and they  sparkle so bright at the sun.
 I love it.


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